Pilar Scratch and River Mason Eromosele, Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley, Gina Roda, and Yave Tequila

This week on Wake Up we meet stylist and author, Pilar Scratch and her son River Mason Eromosele. Pilar was a homeless mother who found success in the fashion industry and helped her break into the industry as well. Then we talk to reality tv stars Gretchen Rossi and SladeSmiley about their #VF journey and miracle baby, Skylar Gray. We chat with Intuitive Coach, @GinaRoda22, who shares the art of numerology and family connections. Then we meet the CEO and founder of Yave Tequila, Joe Cruz Jr. He shares his story and we learn about about the world’s first naturally flavored mango Tequila.


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