UPDATE: The noodle mystery has been solved. According to residents who told NBC4 , a military veteran moving out of his mother’s nearby home after her death found the stockpile of pasta. The Old Bridge Mayor said the pasta was raw, but because of the heavy rain, it looked cooked in the photos.

Henry said in a statement, “It certainly shouldn’t have ended up in the woods — putting in or near the stream bed was not the best idea — but I certainly hope our police are not putting more time into this” he said. “Assuming the pasta was still usable, I wish it had ended up in our food bank, which could have really used it.”

An estimated 500 pounds of cooked pasta was reportedly found dumped near a stream in Old Bridge.

Nina Jochnowitz, who is running for council and was campaigning door-to-door, said a citizen alerted her to the odd find. She then went to investigate the situation herself, posting various photos to her Facebook page.

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She wrote,”The township heard or read the comments and responded by doing a rapid cleanup the river basin and pasta dump.
“As my friend called it a ‘Mission Impasteable’!!!” she continued.  Jochnowitz blamed current township leadership for not reacting quickly enough to the issue. “The township was ignoring the public’s concerns,” she accused in her post. She also said it was unclear how long the pasta was there, and if police are investigating.
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