About Us

Welcome to On New Jersey – your exclusive destination for all things Jersey. We’re proud to be the world’s only live TV streaming channel entirely focused on the Garden State. Our mission? To keep you connected to the heartbeat of New Jersey with top-notch local news, community events, politics, sports, and more.

At On New Jersey, we’re passionate about putting Jersey first. That’s why our content is created by local talent, for local viewers who are actively engaged in their communities. From insightful shows like “New Jersey Politics with Laura Jones” to the lively “NJ Morning Show” and everything in between, we’ve got your Jersey fix covered.

But we’re more than just entertainment – we’re your source for timely news, weather updates, and special programming, including live political debates and community initiatives.

Best of all, access to On New Jersey is absolutely free! Stream our content seamlessly on the devices you already own, whether it’s your TV, phone, or laptop. We’re available 24/7, both on your screen and online at www.ONNJ.com.

With a reach extending across the entire Garden State – over 9 million strong – On New Jersey is here to keep you informed, entertained, and connected to all things Jersey.

Join the local movement today with On New Jersey!

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