Sponsoring On New Jersey offers several compelling benefits:


  • Targeted Audience: As the world’s only New Jersey-focused live TV streaming channel, On New Jersey provides sponsors with direct access to a highly targeted audience of New Jersey residents. This audience is already engaged and interested in local news, community events, politics, sports, and more, making it an ideal demographic for sponsors looking to reach New Jersey consumers.
  • Local Brand Association: By sponsoring On New Jersey, businesses can enhance their brand’s visibility and reputation within the local community. Associating with a platform that celebrates New Jersey talent and content demonstrates a commitment to supporting and enriching the local culture, which can resonate positively with consumers.
  • Content Integration: Sponsors have the opportunity to integrate their brand seamlessly into On New Jersey’s programming through various sponsorship packages. This integration can include sponsored segments, product placements, branded content, and more, allowing sponsors to effectively showcase their products or services to viewers in an engaging and non-intrusive manner.
  • Increased Reach and Exposure: With On New Jersey’s 24/7 streaming channel and online presence, sponsors can extend their reach beyond traditional advertising channels and connect with consumers across multiple platforms. This increased exposure helps to amplify brand awareness and drive engagement with target audiences.


Join the local movement! Contact us today to explore how your brand can become a vital part of New Jersey’s dynamic community and reach local audiences in meaningful ways.

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