Alligator Captured in Middlesex County

An alligator that has been on the loose for about a week in Middlesex Borough has finally been captured.

The four-foot alligator has been lurking in their creeks and ponds, even prompting a closure at Victor Crowell Park. The rogue gator was captured Friday morning by a Piscataway police officer.

Police said a concerned citizen in the Possumtown neighborhood spotted  animal near 2nd Avenue. Several officers responded and the alligator was subdued and restrained by Patrol Officer Ian Paglia in front of a home.

The capture comes after officials considered the animal to be deceased after a Middesex borough police officer shot at the alligator back on August 26th,  and it ducked under the water.

Police think the animal was a pet that someone no longer wanted, as alligators are not native to New Jersey. It will be adopted by the Cape May County Zoo. It will be part of the zoo’s alligator relocation program and kept in a separate isolated area outside of the reptile house.

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