Alligator Remains Loose in Middlesex County

Several days after it was first spotted in the area around Lake Creighton, an alligator remains at-large in Middlesex County.

First noticed by residents last week, the gator—believed to be between 3 and 4 feet in length—has thus far evaded capture. Victor Crowell Park is currently closed to the public for civilians’ safety while authorities track the reptile. The park is expected to remain shut off until officials can be certain the alligator no longer poses a threat to public safety.

One officer fired their weapon at the alligator at close range sometime Saturday evening when it was spotted in Ambrose Brook; it’s unclear whether it was a hit or a miss, as the alligator submerged immediately afterward. While drones and on-foot officers seek to reestablish its whereabouts, the Department of Fish and Wildlife is working on strategies to humanely trap the alligator instead.

Where exactly the alligator came from—and how it arrived in the park area—is not currently known.



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