Marci Hopkins

Marci Hopkins


Marci Hopkins is an award-winning TV Personality, host and creator of Wake Up with Marci, a Recovery Expert on Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC and the author of ‘Chaos to Clarity: Seeing The Signs and Breaking The Cycles’.
As a native of Texas, Marci started her career at Fox Cable Group, where she served in multiple roles and quickly climbed the corporate ladder which led to her ultimately becoming the Director of On-Air Promotions for the FX Network in Los Angeles.

When Marci’s not hosting her show, the mother-of-two devotes much of her time to giving back to her community. Marci supports the Kumali Organization and other orphanages in Uganda, Africa. Since she began her fundraising efforts, one of the ministries she’s worked with has been able to buy land and build a home for native children.

Marci has been named a top influencer in New Jersey by 201 Magazine, featured on; ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, Yahoo, CBS New York; PEOPLE en Espanol; Latina Magazine; News 12 NJ; 201 Magazine, New Jersey Family Magazine, Hollywood Times, The Bergen Record, BOLD Global and other leading outlets.

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