Mike Ham

Mike Ham


In May of 2020, Mike Ham burst onto the podcasting scene with his original show, The Morning Spotlight. Interviewing business professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, and more, Mike produced over 200 episodes on LinkedIn and traditional podcasting platforms. After launching Greetings from the Garden State in October 2021, Mike decided to retire TMS in April 2022 and put his full focus and energy on the people of the New Jersey.

An energetic, passionate, and curious interviewer Mike creates lasting and memorable bonds between his guests and his audiences. As a respected member of the podcasting community, Mike has been asked to speak at podcasting events like Podfest Expo and the PodPros Summit. He’s also been featured in New Jersey Monthly Magazine, on the NJ Morning Show and on the “Your New Jersey” television show.

Mike was born and raised right here in the Garden State and has lived here most of his life. One aspect of New Jersey he particularly loves is its diversity. Throughout his travels and the episodes he’s recorded, the stories Mike helps tell define what being from New Jersey is all about.

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