Members of the Deptford Police Department made some social media waves after catching a 5-foot snake that slithered its way into a resident’s basement.

In a Facebook post, the department explained that Sgt. Grogan’s Patrol Squad was dispatched to an animal call. In the post, the author jokingly dubbed the critter a “Death Noodle,” while showing Patrol Officer William Bittner “posing with the offender.”

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According to an updated post, some residents took offense at the “Death Noodle” moniker, given that the snake was a harmless Rat Snake and posed no danger to the homeowner. Another photo was posted of the snake wearing a birthday hat.

“They felt our remarks were insensitive,” read the updated post.

“In an effort to remain transparent, we tracked down the snake in question. He’s a 5’ long Rat Snake, born and raised in Deptford Township.”
“His name is Julius. Julius Squeezer. We added a recent photo of Mr. Squeezer. The photo depicts Julius at his daughter’s birthday party. He may look dangerous, but he’s just a big, squirmy teddy bear. Hope this clears the air,” the post concluded.
Julius was released back into a wooded area.


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