November 13, 2023 ONNJ Top Stories

Dogs Abandoned in Park
Roxbury township police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the person who abandoned two pit bulls at Port Morris Park. The two dogs were located by residents who contacted police. Both female dogs were kept together in a metal cage. The top of the cage was covered with a red blanket and the cage itself was secured and held together with zip ties.
Roof Collapse

A falling shelf is being blamed for a partial roof collapse at a food distribution warehouse in Edison. Police and firefighters got 62 employees out of the building, and one was taken to the hospital with injuries. Metal shelving attached to a load-bearing wall had deteriorated, causing the collapse. OSHA Authorities are investigating.

Secaucus Police Officers Save Woman’s Life
Two Secaucus police officers are being praised for saving a woman’s life. The officers used CPR and an AED machine to save the unresponsive woman at the Hudson county Meadowview campus. The woman is an employee at the hospital. Because of the officers quick thinking and training, the woman was stabilized and then transferred to Englewood Hospital.
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