November 15, 2023 ONNJ Top Stories

Tammy Murphy Official Bid for Menendez Seat
This morning, First Lady Tammy Murphy made an official announcement that she will be running for the New Jersey state senate. The current holder of the seat, Bob Menendez, was indicted recently.
Starbucks Workers to Strike Tomorrow
Thousands of unionized Starbucks baristas will walk off the job tomorrow. It comes on its national Red Cup Day and as the union says, the company has refused to resolve staffing and scheduling issues during promotional events. There are 5 unionized stores in NJ.
Adoption Fees Waived in Bloomfield 
The Bloomfield Animal Shelter is waiving adoption fees for five dogs in order to free up some much-needed kennel space. The Bloomfield Animal Shelter is not accepting surrendered large breed dogs until its current available dogs get adopted and/or transferred. The five dogs, Sniper, Brie, Muffin, Biggie, & Venus, can be viewed here.
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