November 17, 2023 ONNJ Top Stories

DoorDash Can Now Deliver Booze

Just in time for the holidays, DoorDash has become the first third party delivery service licensed to bring booze to your door. After nearly a year since the special New Jersey rule for bars, restaurants, and liquor stores to allow the delivery of alcohol by third party delivery services were put in place, Door Dash is the first company to be in compliance and offer the service.

Loose Dog Attacks Man

A large rottweiler escaped from a nearby house and attacked a 70-year-old man who was receiving his mail at the end of his driveway. The man received “significant” injuries and called 911 after dodging the dog. He was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital after responders applied a tourniquet. A summons was issued to the owners of the dog and required 10 days of quarantine.

Edison Teen Finalist for Peace Prize

Fourteen-year-old Sri Nihal Tammana of Edison was named one of three finalists for the 2023 International Children’s Peace Prize. At ten years old he started his non-profit organization “Recycle My Battery” which collaborates with like-minded individuals across the United States to introduce recycling bins specially designated for the collection of batteries. These efforts are crucial in diverting batteries from ending up in landfills, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to battery disposal. The award ceremony will be held in London at the Palace of Whitehall on Friday.

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