November 8, 2023 ONNJ Top Stories

School Bus Crashes Into Home
At around 7:15AM on Tuesday, a school bus crashed into a home in Howell. There were no student passengers on board the vehicle. The home received significant damage and is uninhabitable, though no persons were injured. The 22-year-old Freehold Regional High School District driver might have fallen asleep, according to reports. The report also stated the driver hit a utility pole and mailbox before crashing into the house. The driver was taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center to treat minor injuries to the face and head.
Newark Teachers Union Sues
The Newark Teachers Union has filed a lawsuit to force the school district to release a report on bias at the School of Global Studies. Earlier this year, an education consulting firm looked into tensions between Black and Latino students and complaints of racial bias, but the report was never released.
Election Notable Results:
Election Day 2023 in New Jersey is now history and Democrats were able to hold the line keeping control of their legislative majorities in the Senate and Assembly. They also flipped some pivotal seats despite the party’s poor performance in 2021. Democrats are saying their win is attributed to their focus on abortion and reproductive rights, while republicans focused on parental rights.
Doyle becomes first woman elected mayor in Kearny history.
Durr loses Senate seat after previous upset.
Democrats have expanded majority now gained 5 seats.
Schnall flips 30th district in assembly to democrat.
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