October 20, 2023 ONNJ Top Stories

SUV Hits Child and Drives Off In North Bergen
The North Bergen Police Department are looking for the driver responsible for hitting an 11-year-old who was walking to school on Tuesday morning. The video posted by police shows the child take seven steps into the crosswalk and then get knocked over by an SUV that ran the stop sign at the intersection. A mother pushing a stroller is close behind. The child appears spooked and slightly injured but gets up and continues to walk across the street. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the North Bergen Police Department at (201) 392-2100 or email them at tips@northbergenpd.com.
Pleasantville Fire Department Looking for Stolen Historical Bell
The Pleasantville Fire Department has taken to Facebook to reach out to citizens to be on the lookout for the town’s historical bell which was stolen earlier this week. The bell, which has plans of being made into a memorial, was first made in 1909 by the Buckeye Bell Foundation and holds historic value to the town. The fire department says there will be, “no questions asked” and are hoping for its safe return. Commenters warn of the value of bronze to scrap yards.
Dad Sues NJ  Department of Education & School District Over Trans Policy
A father is taking legal action against the NJ Department of Education and Cherry Hill School District because he believes the lack of informing him of his child’s request for transgender accommodations is an infringement to his 14th amendment rights. Current guidance for schools does not require them to inform parents of these changes. Frederick Short, the man suing, believes schools should be informing parents of changes such as this, as it is his right to raise his children and make decisions relating to their mental health care. The lawsuit aims to change the current notification system into a requirement to inform parents of changes in their child’s gender status.
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