October 26, 2023 ONNJ Top Stories

NJ National Guard Deployed to the Middle East
Several hundred Airmen and a squadron of F-16 Falcon fighter jets from the New Jersey National Guard have been sent to the Middle East. Their mission is to strengthen U.S. forces who have already been placed in the region following a surprise attack from Hamas on Israel earlier this month. According to the national guard, since Hamas attacked Israel October, 7,  militia groups backed by Iran have attacked U.S. forces conducting counterterrorism missions in both Iraq and Syria more than a dozen times. The 177th Fighter Wing is located at Atlantic City International Airport, in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

middletown curfew

Halloween & Mischief Night Curfew in Middletown
Middletown Police have put a curfew in place for Monday and Tuesday. Trick or treating must end by 8 p.m. on Halloween. Any unsupervised minors will not be allowed out on the streets past 8pm on both days.
AG Investigating Paterson Councilman for Election Fraud
Alex Mendez, president of the Paterson City Council, is facing 9 charges of election fraud after an investigation found he, “personally collected election ballots” in 2020. They allege that during the pandemic, voters were sending their ballots in by mail, and associates of Mendez and himself were interrupting the mail, stealing from mailboxes, and forging ballots. Investigators also say he tampered with witnesses in the case as well.
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