How to Get $4 Tickets for National Cinema Day

Sunday August 27th  is National Cinema Day, and to celebrate, moviegoers can watch a movie for just $4!

Approximately 30,000 screens across 3,000 movie theaters will take part — including select AMC Theaters, Regal Movies and Cinemark theaters.  It  includes all current movies in all formats- even Imax and Dolby Digital. 

The Cinema Foundation  launched the event last year to celebrate movies and bring people back to the theater. More than 8 million moviegoers participated in National Cinema Day last year. The typical average movie ticket in 2022 cost $10.53, according to the theater group. The Cinema Foundation is a non-profit, dedicated to promoting essential cinema exhibition industry by developing future diverse workforces and growing moviegoing communities through research, education, and philanthropy.

So if you’ve been waiting to check out “Oppenheimer’s” Killian Murphy in IMAX,  or “Blue Beetle” go toe-to-toe with Edison’s Susan Sarandon, Sunday may be the perfect chance to do it. 

Other summer hits including “Barbie,” “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One”  are also on the menu as well as new films opening this weekend like “Gran Turismo,” “Golda,” “The Hill,” “Retribution” and “Bottoms”.  There’s also classic re-releases like “Jurassic Park (3D),” “American Graffiti,” “Lady Bird” and “Oldboy.”

The event will also feature independent films and exclusive new content that can only be seen in theaters.

Popcorn not included!

To find out which theaters are participating, click here.

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