Let’s Eat NJ, Cubita Café


Modern Cuban is how I would describe this hip hop influenced restaurant. Chef owner Gustavo Gutierrez walks the line between the flavors he remembers growing up with, and the techniques he learned in culinary school – all while celebrating his love for Biggie and Wu-Tang.

Cubita serves a variety of Cuban street foods, like papa riena and an array of empanadas – from traditional guava and cheese to Gus’ take on garlic shrimp. I even got to try some of the “off the menu” flavors like oxtail with charred corn and pickled red onion – just wow.

Then I got the ropa vieja. A shredded beef dish that’s typically considered “peasant food” – the Cubita version has big pieces of veggies mixed in to add flavor and texture.

And of course, I had to try the Cuban sandwich. The recipe recently changed on this one by switching from using the ham portion, to the picnic shoulder to create an easier to eat sandwich that’ll still have you drooling.

I finished things up with a café bon bon – sweetened condensed milk topped with a shot of their exclusive roast espresso.

Cubita always has a secret menu so make sure you’re following on Insta to know what to ask for!


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