LiftOff with Jeanniey Walden (Episode 5)


In this episode Jeanniey chat’s with the legendary Jay Leno, they talk everything for electric vehicals to social media plus his favorite cars. NFL sports agent Sean Stellato has never backed down from a challenge. Sean joins us now to tell us more about triumphs, trials and how his career experience on and off the field can help anyone wanting to make a change. Also, joining us is Marie Osmond she has spent more than six decades in the entertainment business as shares with us ways we can all make a difference. Liz Olegov is cofounder and COO of Ukraine Aid International, a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering last mile humanitarian aid to civilians on the front lines of the Ukraine war. She shares with our viewers ways you can help support those in need. Jean Chatzky, Finance Expert and Financial Coach joins us today to tell us money tips during times of inflation. Stephanie Cirami, President of the International Association of Top Professionals, Editor and Founder of Tip Magazine and Tip Radio joins the show to present Jeanniey with a well-deserved award

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