Mia St. John, Siri Daly, & Olay

Mia St. John shares a story of coping with suicide, addiction and fighting for mental health. Mia’s memoir, “Fighting for My Life: A Memoir about a Mother’s Loss and Grief”, is powerful and writing it allowed her to learn so much about herself.

Siri Daly, host of Siriously Delicious, joins Wake Up to share how to create a positive bonding experience with your children through cooking. Siri teaches us how to make a Fruit Punch Smoothie Bowl with the help of Juicy Juice!

Alyssa Carson, a STEM graduate and space enthusiast alongside Dr. Emily Margolis, a curator of American History at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum are inspiring women to enter the STEM field!
Olay, a leader in the science of skincare is bridging the gap between women & STEM and is helping to make this a reality!

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