News Update: New Law to Make Sending Nudes a Crime

Authorities say a driver fought off three men who tried to carjack his luxury SUV at a grocery store in Edison. Officials say the men tried to pull him out of the vehicle and start the SUV, but the victim broke free and ran into the store to call police.

A proposed law moving through the New Jersey Statehouse aims to criminalize the act of sending someone a nude photo, if the material is unwanted and unsolicited. The author of the measure says the bill treats lewd electronic messages the same as flashing or streaking.

The New Jersey State School Nurses Association attended the organization’s spring convention. Officials say the convention highlighted the importance of efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect.

New Jersey’s Jon Bon Jovi has released a new song the same week his upcoming Hulu docuseries premiered at a film festival. The series features the 62-year-old singer along with the band.

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