On New Jersey Hits the Red Carpet to Talk to Tom Cruise and the Cast of “Mission: Impossible 7”

Tom Cruise is back in action in the 7th installment of “Mission: Impossible.”

“Dead Reckoning Part 1” is his biggest feat yet, showing off incredible stunts throughout almost the entire film. Nothing is off limits for the actor, who is known for never using a stunt double in his films. This “Mission” turns it all up a notch,  with fight sequences at 60 miles an hour on top of a train, parachuting, and Cruise riding a motorbike off a cliff, just to name a few.

On New Jersey hit the red carpet at the New York City premiere to talk to the film’s stars, including Cruise who said his love of defying gravity and physicality came at an early age, when he scored a spot on the wrestling team at Glen Ridge High School after moving to Essex County in his teens.

“Mission: Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part 1” is in theaters now.



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