Weather Update for 1/17/2024 with Mike Favetta


After 1-3 inches of snow, ice and freezing that fell on Monday night, New Jersey residents can expect a blast of winter weather this week, with freezing temperatures, another round of snow on Friday, and blustery winds this weekend. The National Weather Service (NWS) is advising residents to bundle up and stay safe in the cold weather.

  • Frigid Temperatures: Temperatures will be well below average throughout the week, with highs in the teens and lows in the single digits. With the daily thaw and refreeze cycle, this could cause black ice on untreated surfaces, especially during the morning hours.

  • Potential Snowfall: Snow is likely on Friday, but accumulation is expected to be light, on the order on 1-3 inches.

  • Windy Conditions: Strong winds will gust up to 30 mph at times, creating wind chills that could make it feel even colder, especially this weekend.

  • Brutal Wind Chill: Weekend wind chills could be as cold as zero across most of New Jersey on Saturday and Sunday morning.

The NWS is urging residents to take precautions to stay warm and safe in the cold weather. These tips include:

  • Dress in layers of warm clothing.

  • Wear a hat and gloves.

  • Stay indoors if possible.

  • If you must go outside, be sure to cover your face and ears to prevent frostbite.

  • Check on elderly neighbors and family members who may be more vulnerable to the cold.

The cold weather is expected to persist through the weekend, so residents should be prepared for the chilly conditions until Monday. Late next week brings milder weather with above average temperatures, near 50 degrees!


Mike Favetta

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