Weekend Flooding Soaks NJ

On Friday, September 29, roads flooded across New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency for all 21 of New Jersey’s counties.

Many of Hoboken’s roads were under water, and cars couldn’t make it out of the flood zones, leading many vehicle owners to deal with water damage. Drivers did what they felt necessary, driving the wrong way down one-way streets to avoid flooded areas. The high flood waters trapped many cars, preventing them from escaping as the water was too deep and the engines stalled. The Hoboken Fire Department responded to several calls from residents for assistance in pumping out basements.

Asbury Park was also hit with rising flood water from the storms. Several inches of rainfall made it nearly impossible to drive through sections of the town. The streets surrounding the Convention Center were wiped out, along with parked cars that were engulfed by the flood waters. The storm had a significant impact on many businesses and homeowners, with many experiencing flood related damage.

The state of emergency was lifted, and roads have reopened. Much of the flooding has gone down significantly or all together, though many individuals are continuing to deal with property and vehicle damage.
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