Changes Could be on the Way for NJ School Lunch

Big changes could be on the way to schools in New Jersey and across the nation and it could impact what New Jersey kids eat for breakfast and lunch every day.

The Biden administration recently laid out a national strategy on hunger, nutrition, and health. The US Department of Agriculture is working on making school meals healthier, which means school-provided breakfast and lunch. It involves less sugar, sodium, and boosts the number of whole grains. The changes will be phased in through 2027  and could look something like this:

  • Sugars would be limited in breakfast cereals and yogurt beginning in 2025
  • Over the next two years, sugars will make up less than 10% of the calories per meal. 
  • Sodium would be cut by 20% by 2027.

When it comes to whole grains the USDA is considering two plans. One calls for 80% of all grains offered during the school week to be whole grain-rich. That means a lot less white bread for sandwiches. The other plan could allow enriched grain foods. When it comes to milk, one option limits flavored mild for high school students, while the other allows flavored milk for all grades.

Nothing is set in stone yet. The public has until April 10th to comment on the proposals. You can have your say by going to and following the online instructions.  All comments will be part of the public record.


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