Robbinsville Officer Connor Boyle, 25, is out of the hospital and continuing his recovery at home after being struck by a hit-and-run vehicle.

Boyle was standing along Route 130 helping a driver of a disabled vehicle when another vehicle slammed into him, dragged him several feet, and drove off. His dashcam caught the terrifying ordeal.

The driver of the vehicle was later identified as , Rachel Glatt, 52, from East Windsor. She faces several charges including aggravated assault on a police officer and reckless driving.

The police department released the video to remind drivers of the “Move Over Law,” which requires drivers to slow down and move  to the center lanes when approaching emergency vehicles pulled over on the side of the roadway. Police say over the last 10 years,  there have been 286 officer line-of-duty deaths due to vehicle crashes, and another 114 due to being struck by a vehicle.

“One of the most dangerous aspects of a police officer’s job is stepping out of their vehicle and onto the roadway,” Robbinsville Police said in a Facebook post.

Officer Boyle is expected to make a full recovery and is set to begin a new position as a school resource officer.

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