Dr. Tara Chalakani, Olivia Verhulst, Marcy Axelrod, & Jenny DePaul


Dr. Tara Chalakani CEO of Preferred Behavioral Health Group, will share some empowering tips on managing the holiday stressors we face during the season.
Olivia Verhulst returns to the show! She is a licensed psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, and Forbes Health Advisor discussing the strengths and challenges of being a highly sensitive person.
Award-Winning Author, TEDx Speaker & Wake Up’s Monthly Contributor, Marcy Axelrod, will educate us today on self-grounding and how to show up in difficult times. 👍
Jenny DePaul is the founder of Project KIND . She will inform us on this non-profit helping homeless people with donations and ultimately getting them off the street. Learn how you can get involved!


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