NJ Morning Show – The Eclipse Over New Jersey


Some people in New Jersey may want to have their eyes checked — after a local library says the eclipse glasses they handed out, may be counterfeit. The Moorestown Library posted online that the glasses they had distributed to visitors may not actually work. They posted the warning before the eclipse, so hopefully no one used them.

Police were called to a Lakewood restaurant for a report of a naked man trashing the establishment.
The restaurant, Maggie’s Bar and Grill called the incident a hate crime on their Instagram page. The restaurant says there was damage to their furniture, fixtures and equipment. Police say the damage may be about 100-thousand dollars. Police were able to subdue the man, but after the damage was done. Maggie’s saying online, “This type of behavior with the intent to destroy one of the last remaining local bars in the Jackson/Lakewood area will not be tolerated.”


Mike Favetta

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