Record-Setting Rainfall Causes Major Tri-state Flooding

The unique weather situation across New Jersey has record-setting rainfall across the Hudson River in Central Park even closing terminals at Laguardia Airport.

A similar event occurred when Newark airport baggage claim flooding during Hurricane Ida in 2021 due to record setting heavy rainfall. However, here in the garden state today, many residents were inconvenienced by flooding and closed roads on their Friday morning commute.

Flood watches were issued by the National Weather Service last night, but without a tropical connection, most residents expected ordinary ponding on the roads.

Meteorologist Mike Favetta says that the rain continues at a high intensity, accompanied by gusty winds, through Friday night and will taper to light showers by Saturday afternoon.

On a brighter note, the weather dries out by Sunday with sunshine and highs in the mid-70’s.


Mike Favetta

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